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George Washington Altyazı indir

George Washington Altyazı indir
George Washington (2000) BRRip XviD Türkçe Altyazı Tek Link indir (IMDB: 7.4)
George Washington afis


The film follows a group of kids growing up in a depressed rural town in North Carolina, as seen through the eyes of 12-year-old Nasia. After breaking up with her show-off boyfriend Buddy (played by Curtis Cotton III), she withdraws from her delinquent friends and becomes romantically obsessed with a strange, introverted boy named George who is burdened by the fact that his skull never hardened after birth. Tragedy strikes when one of George's friends is accidentally killed and the group, fearing punishment, decides to hide the body. In its aftermath, George is put in the unlikely role as town hero. film46.net iyi seyirler diler...

George Washington (2000) indir

Tek Link indir

Tek Link indir

Türkçe Altyazı
http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/mov/0262432/george-washington-2000.html George Washington Altyazı indir

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